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Teaching yoga in the Benfleet, Hadleigh and Leigh-on-Sea area

Shown below are recent training days, courses, seminars and workshops I have attended or will be attending.


Title of Event


28th Nov 2020

Zoe Knott

Journery towards Chakrasana


4th Oct 2020

Vanessa Carter

First Aid in the Workplace


28th Mar 2020

Frances Lumley

Understanding the Pelvis - Hips, SI's and Pelvic Floor


23rd Nov 2019

Gary Carter

The Hand Wrist & Forearm


6th Oct 2019

Peter Blackaby

Intelligence in Yoga


27th April 2019

Melanie Cooper

Ashtanga and Yin Yoga Workshop


4th Nov 2018

Zoe Knott

Exploring Twists


17th Oct 2018
Mr Stephen Palmer - consultant orthopaedic surgeon
Mr Ravi Ray - specialist consultant
The Impact and Importance of Imaging in the Successful Diagnosis and Treatment of Arthroplasty, Subacromial and Labral Injuries
13th Oct 2018
Stephen Braybrook
Mindset for Yoga
West Sussex
19th Nov 2017
Howard Napper
Yoga Workshop
1st July 2017
Mel Cooper
Ashtanga and Yin Yoga Workshop
21st May 2017
Gary Carter
Yoga and Myofascial movement. Awakening the Spine
17th Feb 2017
Tias Little
Firm Back & Soft Front
20th Nov 2016Howard NapperStructual AlignmentEssex
25th June 2016Melaine CooperAshtanga Yoga WorkshopEssex
22nd June 2016

Dr Jo Larkin

Mr Ian McDermott

Sporting Injuries of the KneeLondon
14th May 2016Lesley DikeThe Anatomy of BalanceEssex
16th March 2016Consultant Orthopedic Surgeons 

Key Hole Wrist Surgery - what is possible.

Management of the Sprained Wrist

14th Feb 2016Gary CarterTrauma in TissuesKent
21st Nov 2015Alyson SmithThe Influence of afferent pathways and Cognition on Movement PatternsTiptree Essex
21st Nov 2015Alice WilliamsThe Physiology of StressTiptree Essex
21st Nov 2015Daniel OrchardPain MechanismsTiptree Essex
21st Nov 2015Jamie LauderUnderstanding HeadachesTiptree Essex
4th Nov 2015Howard NapperCan Stress Really be your Friend?!Essex
8th March 2015Zoe KnottStrength in AsanaEssex
26th Nov 2014David SwensonYoga workshopCambridge
23rd Nov 2014Lesley DikeThe Cervical and Thoracic SpineWoking
12th Oct 2014Jane Slevenhip opening and shoulder openingLondon
5th Oct 2014Michael BondAppointed Person - First AidEssex
25th Jan 2014Hugh Grainger & Zoe KnottJourney towards Eka Pada Raja KapotanasanaKent
16th Nov 2013Gary CarterThe Psoas and Piriformis MusclesKent
20th Sept 2013Bill WoodLight and Grounded - Vital and RelaxedEssex
12th June 2013
Mr P.S.V.PrasadAn evening with Spinal Surgeon Mr Prasad Southend Hospital
8th Dec 2012

9th Dec 2012
Alison TrewhelaYoga for Healthy Lower Backs- teacher training courseChesham, Hertfordshire
21st Sept 2012

22nd Sept 2012
Alison TrewhelaYoga for Healthy Lower Backs- teacher training courseChesham, Hertfordshire
1st July 2012Howard NapperThe Spine and Chest OpeningsEssex
26th May 2012Dr. Ruth GilmoreLooking after your back with YogaEssex
1st Feb 2012Mr Ahmed AliKnee Sprain - Examination, Diagnosis, Decisions and TreatmentBrentwood
14th Dec 2011Prof. Ceri DaviesAnatomy Studies on Cadavars. Postural Support Muscles.Imperial College, Charring Cross Hospital,London
13th Nov 2011Michael BondAppointed Person First AidEssex
30th Oct 2011Dr Elena VoyceThe Art of Therapeutic YogaLondon
18th June 2011John StirkThe fluid SelfEssex
20th March 2011Gary CarterPranayama & anatomy of the breathEssex
19th March 2011Gary CarterBandhas & DiaphragmsEssex
29th Jan 2011Gary CarterThe Anatomy of the BreathKent
7th Nov 2010Howard NapperUnlocking the mysteries of stress and longevity through yogaEssex
15th Oct 2010Richard FreemanAstanga Vinyasa as a Meditative FlowLondon
26th Sept 2010Mark FreethDay of YogaEssex

3rd Sept 2010

4th Sept 2010

5th Sept 2010

Kino McGregorThree day workshop -meditation, chanting, asana, inversions, handstanding, full primary, Mysore and introduction to second series.London

15th July 2010

16th July 2010

17th July 2010

18th July 2010

David WilliamsAshtanga yoga for the rest of your lifeLondon
20th June 2010Dr Ruth Gilmore

Well Women Yoga

(Anatomy and Physiology)

16th June 2010Prof. Ceri Davies

Anatomy studies on Cadavers. Common injuries of the neck and shoulder. Common injuries of the thigh, leg, knee and ankle

Imperial College,

Charring Cross Hospital,


16th May 2010Gary Carter

The Spine

(Anatomy and Physiology)

15th May 2010Gary Carter

The feet

(Anatomy and Physiology)

14th May 2010Tias Little

Freeing the foundation:

feet, ankles & knees

(Anatomy and Physiology)


1st May 2010Dr Ruth Gilmore

Protecting the lumbar and sacroiliac regions

in yoga practice and teaching

(Anatomy and Physiology)


9th April 2010

10th April 2010

11th April 2010

Dr Rth Gilmore

Simona Hernandez

Sallie Sullivan

Paul Fox

Paul Fox

Zoe Knott

*Yoga & Stress - Anatomy and Physiology.

*Hip Openers to bring stability to our lives.

*Moving in, connecting from the limbs.

*Astanga for everyone.

*Anatomy and Physiology for yoga.

*The journey towards visvamitrasana.

BWY Congress

University of Warwick

28th March 2010

Sandy Tubby

M.C.S.P (physiotherapist)

Hip and Knee

(Anatomy and Physiology)

6th March 2010Dr Ruth Gilmore

Hip and Knee problems in yoga classes

(Anatomy and Physiology)

27th Feb 2010Mike BondAppointed Persons First AidKent

17th Jan 2010

Mark Freeth

Day of Yoga


14th Nov 2009

 Peter Blackaby

 An Intelligent Approach to Adjustment

(Anatomy and Physiology)


31st Nov 2009

Mark FreethEastern Region CongressChelmsford
3rd Oct 2009Gary Carter

Pelvic Balance

(Anatomy and Physiology)

26th Sept 2009John Stirk

A day of yoga with John Stirk

(Anatomy and Physiology)


28th June 2009David KeilYoga and AnatomyEast Grinstead
27th June 2009Paul FoxDay of YogaEssex
6th June 2009Bill Wood

Moving from the Spine

(Anatomy and Physiology)

16th April 2009Jane SlevenPhilosophy in ActionRomford

17th April 2009

18th April 2009

19th April 2009

Paul Harvey

Zoes Knott

Jonathan Monks

Sallie Sullivan

Ruth White

Dr Ruth Gilmore

*Vicara in the Practice of Asana.

*The journey towards Hanumanasana.

*Realising the simplicity of asana vinyasa.

*Spinal rotation and backward extension.

*Asana with modifications and props.

*Understanding the female self in yoga.

BWY Congress

Harper Adams University



4th April 2009Gary Carter

Spring Loaded and Light

(Anatomy and Physiology)

1st Feb 2009Liz LarkConnecting with the elements through yoga practiceEast Grinstead
13th Dec 2008Maarten VermaaseMeditation WorkshopEssex
30th Nov 2008Ranju RoyEssential Yoga SutrasRomford
11th Oct 2008Richard AdamoEastern Region CongressIpswich
4th Oct 2008Hamish HendryYoga WorkshopEssex

17th July 2008

18th July 2008

19th July 2008

20th July 2008

David WilliamsAshtanga yoga for the rest of your lifeLondon
29th June 2008Sandy TubbyAnatomy and Physiology - BandhasEssex

17th May 2008

18th May 2008

NawajyotiWeekend of yogaEssex
26th April 2008Jane SlevenThe Art of Alignment and sensitive Adjustments 2Essex
20th April 2008Paul FoxAdjustment Part IEssex
1st March 2008Jane SlevenThe Art of Alignment and sensitive Adjustments IEssex
9th Feb 2008Mark FreethYoga workshopEssex
26th Jan 2008Zoe KnottStrength in AsanaRomford
2nd Dec 2007David SwensonYoga workshopLondon
11th Nov 2007Dr Ruth GilmoreYoga and AgeingRomford

27th Oct 2007

28th Oct 2007

Brian CooperWeekend workshopEssex

27th July 2007

28th July 2007

29th July 2007

Christopher GladwellYoga workshopEssex
27th May 2007Jane SlevenYoga workshopEssex
1st April 2007Mark FreethYoga workshopEssex
25th Feb 2007Dr Ruth GilmoreYoga and StressRomford